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PRIMA R&P performs R&D on radio communication equipment and communication systems, as well as upgrading the radio communication equipment. High-technology full-scale serial production of more than 20 PRIMA developed equipment is organized.

The development and producing of the radio communication equipment is one of the most high technology and science intensive kinds of activities, which requires the up-to-the-minute technologies applying and the most modern equipment usage.

For timely and qualitative R&D performing the modern licensed systems for computer aided design with the mathematic and simulation modeling usage are implemented. The experimental models design and production are carried out with 3D modeling method usage. The modern measuring equipment of the world manufacturers is used during the mock-ups and experimental models development.

PRIMA has more than 5 thousands square meters (half of them owned by PRIMA) for its production department.

Design Bureau Building

PRIMA production departments

All equipment is developed on the components produced by the world manufactures and with the usage of up-to-date manufacturing techniques. The methods of information, functional and equipment integration are widely used during the implementation of these techniques.

PRIMA assembly and installation shop

PRIMA production department is equipped with the modern equipment: from machines with computerized control for metal processing, laser cutting, laser engraving, spot welding machines, modern painting system to the equipment for automatic placing the components onto the printed circuit-boards, as well as the equipment for the printed circuit-boards washing and moisture-protection equipment.

PRIMA storage room

The modern storage system for electronic components, printed boards and other components storage is developed for high quality and reliability of PRIMA production.

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