1990 - Enterprise PRIMA was created by the group of airborne radio communication equipment designers-engineers. The initiator and the first director of R&P Enterprise PRIMA was Vladimir V. Shaikin (1990 to 1998).

1993 - starting of the development of the airborne communication system for Mi-28N helicopter .

1996 - first flight of iG- plane with PRIMA equipment onboard.

1996 - Intercom (ICS) functions were united with voice warning system (VWS) functions in the internal communication modules (S2, SPU) for planes iG-29, Yak-130, Su-25.

1997 - creation of the intercommunication system with loudspeaking warning for Be-200 amphibian plane.

1998 - creation of the communication and data transmission module (SPD): significant development for PRIMA, when MSPU functions were extended with possibilty of the data transmission. Airborne communication systems (KSS) development for i-28N, -50 helicopters, then for -52, -32 helicopters.

1999 - creation of the new generation voice warning systems R-28 and lmaz-UPM for Su-30I/ and -37 Berkut.

2000 - creation of the intercommunication systems with loud-speaking warning SPGU-35 for -226, -32 helicopters, SPU-34 for nsat helicopter.

2004 - creation of the intercommunication system for deep-sea apparatus Bester.

2006 - creation and certification of HF radio set PRIMA-KV the airborne radio sets family PRIMA-200, PRIMA-400.

2007 - the first -28N airborne communication system was approved for installing at i-28N helicopter.

2009 - creation of VHF/UHF radio sets: PRIMA-MV, PRIMA-DMV.

2010 - airborne communication system development for -100 plane.

2011- airborne communication system development for Mistral aircraft carrier.

2012- airborne communication system development for Su-25, MiG-29K/KUB.








LLC Research & Production Enterprise PRIMA; 63, Svoboda St, Nizhny Novgorod, Russian Federation; tel/fax: +7(831) 277-99-91; e-mail: info@prima.nnov.ru