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LLC Research & Production Enterprise «PRIMA» is an advanced and dynamically developing company. It engages in designing and manufacturing of the airborne radio communication equipment for different types of the aircrafts. The PRIMA was founded in 1990, and it went a long way from the digital voice warning equipment designing to creating a wide range of airborne radio communication equipment and airborne communication systems for aviation.

The company’s successful activity is provided by designing and manufacturing competitive high quality equipment with improved operating characteristics and a reasonable price.

Many years’ experience in radio communication equipment creating enables PRIMA to perform applied researches and developing works on the creation of the radio communication equipment according to the customers instructions.

High-technology full-scale production is organized in the PRIMA own production departments for manufacturing the equipment, designed by the enterprise. It equipped with modern technologies and has all the necessary certificates and licenses.

All PRIMA equipment is designed by high professional specialists on the base of the world elemental base and the modern methods of the design and manufacturing technique.

Our enterprise is perform the equipment maintenance, warranty and post-warranty service and repair of the supplied equipment along with improvement and updating of the equipment on the customers’ requests.

The equipment, manufactured by PRIMA is equal to domestic analogs by operating characteristics (including weight, dimensions, reliability and power consumption) and successfully competes with the world manufacturers’ analog equipment.

In 2012 PRIMA became the 12th among the leading innovative Russian companies according to TechUspech rating.








LLC Research & Production Enterprise PRIMA; 63, Svoboda St, Nizhny Novgorod, Russian Federation; tel/fax: +7(831) 277-99-91; e-mail: